You should join If:

If you are a startup or a just a side hustler looking to expand your business and gain more PAID clients.

Need just an overall direction of where to start or what your next steps should be in your business. 

Need accountability and motivation on your everyday business goals. Or you need your personal cheering section.  

Looking for a supportive network of ladies that's ready to help you in whatever area you need assistance in.

Tired of wasting thousands on groups and coaching that just not helping and encouraging enough.

What do you get when you join?

$97/Month     NOW   $10/Month 

Limited time offer!

Monthly Master Class

Exclusive Members only Content

Handy Tools to monterize your business

A network of stilettos stepping ladies

Monthly Calendar of events 

FREE PDF downloads

Weekly Q&A

Financial tips for business income

Give aways! 

And so much MORE!

Can I cancel anytime?

Where is the Stack'in In Stilettos Group housed?

Can I receive a refund?

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